Q: I don’t know what is my Username and Password?

A: Your Username is your Student ID number appearing on your ‘Acceptance Email‘ which is sent to you after you accept your offer. The Student ID appears at the top of the letter. The acceptance process usually takes approximately 2 days. The Student ID number also appears on your eCOE.

Your Password is SIX (6) digits of your Date of birth. For example: if your birthday is 25th January 1990, your password would be 250190


Q: I entered my correct Student ID and Password but the system did not allow me to log in.

A: It could be becuase you have just accepted your offer letter, hence your account for airport pickup service has not been created. Please email Swinburne University accommodation@swin.edu.au with details about your Full Name, Student ID, Flight Number, Flight Arrival Date and Time, Destination Address and the number of people you are travelling with.


Q: I am a Research student or a Doctorate student and I cannot log into the system.

A: Currently the booking system does not recognise Research or Doctorate students. To book your airport pick-up please send an email to accommodation@swin.edu.au. Please include the following information: your Full Name, Student ID, Flight Number, Flight Arrival Date and Time, and Destination Address.


Q: I am not a new student but I still want to book an airport pick-up at my own expense

A: Please email your Arrival details directly to Harlan Transport at: info@harlan.com.au


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