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We're a REAL Melbourne Bus & Coach company, NOT an Agency.

Harlan is a well-established, fully Accredited and Insured transport operator since 1991.

Don't put your SAFETY in the hand of so-called unlicensed third-party agencies.





Why pay more for inferior service from Travel Agents while you can enjoy a Better and Safer service directly from a Bus company?

DIY your trip is absolutely worthwhile

Planning your own trip sometimes is rather challenging but fun as you can plan ahead where all members of your group love to visit and spend more time in those favourite spots while skipping out less interesting or too busy places.

Everything is up to your imagination and interests to design your very own tour with unique experiences. No rush, no time wasting on attractions that you don’t like or have already visited before.

Starting your travelling day by being picked up right at the front of your accommodation, stepping on a well-maintained, clean, seat-belted, air-conditioned minibus or a luxury coach, playing your own music via Bluetooth, AUX cable, USB, DVD player or watching your own TV shows/movies*. Travelling experience has never been better with a private bus charter.

Flexibility is what matters most. It’s totally up to your preference to either start your trip a bit late in the morning so everyone has a bit of time to sleep to recover from exhausting activities the day before. You can also finish it early for the day so everyone has their own time for shopping and exploring the city at their own pace.

It’s worth to mention that Toilet or lunch and dinner stops are as equally important to ensure a satisfactory travelling experience. Just tell your driver who will always be happy to cater to your needs. (Note: there is a toilet on board on all of our luxury 42-54 seat coaches)

Although no one wants to feel unwell while travelling, this could sometimes happen to children and the elderly so if any of your group members do not feel well, you can skip some spots and finish the tour earlier. This is definitely an invaluable privilege compared to having to be endured the hardship on a public bus tour till finish.

We’re always here to help

If you really don’t know where to start planning your trip, we’re always happy to suggest where and what to do and stay for your trips. However, as this is a Bus Hire with Driver charter service, you’re still responsible for your trip planning including booking and paying for the entrance fee and accommodation.

If you’re so busy for the planning, you can grab some of our well-designed tour itineraries otherwise if you prefer a completely hassle-free trip, you can easily book and pay for your private group tours online where we plan everything for you.

Gather more friends and family for more FUN & SAVING

A standard bus or coach comes in the sizes of 13 seats, 20-24 seats, 48-52 seats. As you can appreciate it costs us the same (fuel, parking, tolls, insurance, wear & tear, operation and labour cost) either carrying 14 or 24 passengers, we still have to charge you the same for a 24-seat minibus hire regardless of the number of passengers on the bus, so why not gather more friends and family for more fun and lower the share price per head. This is the same for 42+ seat coach, the more people your group is, the more you save.

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