Frequently Asked Questions (Please read it carefully)

Q. How do I join the Travel and Learn Study Tours of Australia®?
A. You can join us by booking direct with us or by contacting an education agent in your city.

Q. How many people do we need to enter the program?
A. Minimum 15 people.

Q. What is the duration of the Travel and Learn Study Tours of Australia?
A. The duration can be from 5 to 20 days or even more

Q. How many places or cities in Australia do we visit on our Travel and Learn Study Tour?
A. As many as you want as long as time allows

Q. What type of accommodation do we get?
A. Accommodation is 3-star; cabins, camps and twin share (or you can upgrade to singles supplementary or a 5-star package)

Q. Are Airfares included in the Package?
A. Airfares not included.

Q. Are there any Visas requirements?
A. Australian Holiday or Students Visa apply.

Q. Can I book through an agent?
A. Yes if you wish but agent commissions apply.

Q. Are there any sponsorship?
A. No, but you can seek sponsorship from your government or corporation.

Q. How will I benefit from the program?
A. You will improve your General English Communication skills and experience the diverse culture of Australia!

Q. Can my family and friends also join the program?
A. Anyone can join.

Q. Are there any other cost involved?
A. Only accommodation extras such as single supplement or 5-star upgrade

Q. Can I get an Australian Education classroom experience?
A. Yes school visitations can be arranged.

Q. How many hours do we travel in a day?
A. It depends. This could be up to 8 to 10 hours per day (300 to 500 kilometres)

Q. Can we stay longer in a city if we prefer?
A. It must strictly follow the agreed program.

Q. Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?
A. Yes, we can provide Kosher, Halals, vegetarian or whatever you need.

Q. Do we need travel insurance?
A. Yes and we can arrange it for you if you wish.

Q. Do you cater for disabled people or mature people?
A. Yes

Q. How much will it Cost?
A. The cost varies depending on its duration and itinerary. For more information and booking, please contact Harrison +61 3 9354 5025 or email [email protected]


Travel and Learn Study Tours of Australia® 

  • Budget to luxury study tour packages available
  • Various itineraries
  • Themed tours specifically designed for International Students, Executives, Families, and Retirees
  • Everyone is welcome to join a travel and learn study tour.
  • Group size range from minimum 15 people maximum 30 people per study group
  • Durations 5 days, 7 days, 10 days or 20 days
  • From Melbourne and around Victoria, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane
  • The program can start from either Melbourne or Sydney airport.
  • Not included are airfares and personal items
  • We do not place students in homestay accommodation
  • Example package includes 5-star Coach Travel, Qualified English Language teacher, from 3-star accommodation, some camping, cabins and shared dormitory style with dinner, bed and breakfast and some lunches subject to itinerary.

For more information, visit Travel and Learn Study Tours of Australia page or check out our suggested 7-day Melbourne to Sydney Itinerary and brochures.

A digital copy of this Q&A is available for download.