“Travel and Learn” Study Tours of Australia®

So you think you can speak English?

Can you…
Spell the capital city of Australia?
Describe a kangaroo?
Read a recipe to cook a barbeque?
Write a postcard home?
Read a map?
Tell the difference between a wallaby and a wallaroo?
Yes or no, it doesn’t matter. The best way to learn and improve your English is on a Travel and Learn Study Tours of Australia®

Enjoy this beautiful and exciting holiday destination with a combination of general English language and culture lessons, enhanced by trips to some of the country’s best tourist sites. This will bring your English to life!


Pic1. Phillip Island – Penguine Parade
Pic2. Great Ocean Road

Who wants to learn English from books all the time?

Get out of the classroom and learn in the real world!
Travel and Learn Study Tours make learning interactive!

On a Travel and Learn Study Tour, students of all ages (from secondary students to mature age) can learn general English in an informal travelling classroom with a qualified native-speaking teacher from a recognised educational institution. The real fun starts when you travel by bus to different parts of amazing Australia – learning English as you go with your teacher/tour guide right by your side.

In this way, your new language really comes alive – by learning as you have fun!

  • You can improve all your skills and also learn about Australian culture with help from your teacher
  • On the bus
  • Out in the fresh air
  • In the natural environment
  • At beautiful tourist sites


How many sheep? One sheep? Two sheeps? Or a flock of sheep?

Travel and Learn Accommodation

With a Travel and Learn Study Tour, you and your group choose where you would like to stay. There are many choices from luxury hotels to camping under the stars.

Perhaps you would like to study English in a major city, or a large regional town? There, you will find all kinds of accommodation close to your classroom. These include busy, city-centre youth hostels (for all ages) where you meet friendly people from all over the world. Or, you might like a hotel near bargain shopping and exciting nightlife.


On your bus tour you can vary where you stay, if you like, from destination to destination. One night you could camp on the beach under the stars, and another, stay in a comfortable caravan park with kangaroos and beautiful birds. Or, perhaps a five-star hotel or resort with a swimming pool and spa appeals to you.  Remember, you decide where to go and for how many days!

Travel and Learn English and Australian Culture Classes

English on the road is a combination of fun and formal content. All levels of students are provided for, with the main focus to encourage you and your group to listen, speak, read and write in a relaxed and interesting environment.

You will enjoy communicating in English through a variety of different tasks and games. In one class you might talk about the city you are staying in and how people live – what are the main industries? What sports or culture do they like? Where do they like to relax? In another class, you could talk about Australian animals, the environment and the different types of trees and landscape, followed by a discussion.

On the 5-star coaches, your Mobile Classes where the learning comes alive with stimulating quizzes, trivia games, information sheets and tour guide presentations. Who can see the first kangaroo? What do we call those trees? Will you win a prize?


Imagine at night, under the stars in the bush or desert, singing an Australian song or listening to a special Aboriginal Dreamtime story. This is beside the campfire where you cooked your traditional Australian bread (damper) and bush-tea!

Students are also given materials throughout the course to supplement their learning, while all participants’ individual differences and needs are also recognised and catered for.

The aim, after all, is to improve your fluency and confidence in English while enjoying a special travel and cultural experience.


Where would you like to go? In Australia, your English will get better day by day…
This is a vast and diverse country with a variety of scenery, animals, historical and cultural attractions so there is much to see and do.

Our bus tour options are flexible in terms of length of time and combinations, so the choice is yours. Also, you can travel either before or after your formal English classes, or, if you prefer, just take a tour. All buses are five-star standard, equipped with air-conditioning, seat-belts, a toilet. Remember, all the tours are held in English with your qualified and experienced teacher and you can talk to friendly Australian people wherever you go!

Australian History

With Travel and Learn Study Tours you can learn about the original Australian people and their history when you travel to Aboriginal sites including Ayers Rock/Uluru, Alice Springs and the great Australian Outback.

Understanding European history by visiting Captain Cook’s cottage in Melbourne, Sydney’s Rocks area and magnificent colonial architecture in different cities.

Learn about the famous gold-rush and travel to Sovereign Hill in the gold-mining town of Ballarat. Visit an underground mine, look for real gold in a creek (you can keep it if you find it!) and talk to the many tour guides and historical interpreters there.


Pic1. Aboriginals of Australia
Pic2. Ayers Rock/Uluru, Alice Springs

The Great Outdoors

Australia is a gigantic continent and its scenery and seasons are quite distinct in different areas, so where will you go? Do you prefer the bush with its beautiful eucalyptus trees or perhaps a tropical jungle or a beautiful beach?  Would you like to learn to ski or just watch the snowflakes fall on the mountain gum trees while sipping from a hot drink? You could watch the bucking broncos at an all-Australian rodeo or take a trip to world-famous natural wonders like the Great Ocean Road, the Blue Mountains or the Great Barrier Reef.

Once there, you can choose to bushwalk, hike, go fishing, take a scenic tourist train, go scuba-diving or… just relax.


Pic1. Horse trekking at Otway Ranges
Pic2. Surfing at Bells Beach


Pic1. Sight-seeing in the magnificent Grampian Ranges
Pic2. Skiing at Mt Buller


Pic1. Go for a walk at the Great Ocean Road
Pic2. Explore the ocean with scuba-diving


Study Australia’s large variety of animals: their habits, environments and peculiarities. See koalas up close in the bush, feed kangaroos by hand, wonder at the sharks in an aquarium, swim with tropical fish or watch Phillip Island’s famous penguin parade at Night.


Pic1. Kangaroos near Perth, WA
Pic2. Koalas in the wild 


Australia’s many migrant groups have very different cultures. Learn about their history and current issues, visit the places where they live and taste their wonderful foods.


Pic1. Typical Vietnamese meal  
Pic2. Catching live crayfish in Perth, WA


Diversity of options (Travel and Learn Specialised Study Tours)

Every tour group is distinctive, so if you prefer, more specialised English classes and themed tours are available. Or, simply tell us your group’s interests so that we can design a customised tour of any length with activities suiting your needs.

Some of our themed tours: 

*[Featured] English for Teenagers and International Students 

Fun and action including exploring natural wonders, camping, hiking, music concerts, dancing, fun-parks, animals and spectator sports.


Pic1. Chinese International students study tour group
Pic2. Japanese International students study tour group


Pic1. International students with Harrison preparing Aussie BBQ lunch
Pic2. International students – “Koalas hunting” 

English for Sports-Lovers

Australians love their sport and you will too after this tour! Learn about Australian Rules’ Football and cricket, tennis, football (soccer), rugby and swimming. Visit famous sporting venues like Melbourne’s Cricket Ground or Olympic Park in Sydney and, depending on the season, watch a match or tournament.

English for Golfers

Improve your swing… and your English! Visit some of Australia’s top golf-courses and learn from qualified instructors.


English for Wine-Lovers

Learn about Australia’s diverse wine regions and the language of wine. Visit some of the country’s 900 wineries and taste their wonderful produces.


English for Shoppers

Do you love to shop latest fashion and other bargains? Come on a shopping tour of one or more cities and visit markets, department stores, discount warehouses and secret boutiques.

English for Food (chocolate) Lovers

Practise your English while you taste dark, milk or white chocolate. Melbourne, for example, has many exciting chocolate shops where you can eat and learn about the cooking processes and ingredients…before you buy your favourites!

English for Specific Subjects

Study the vocabulary and expressions used in your area of work or study, and then visit associated places. For example, learn about English for Aviation, with tours to an aircraft simulator, museums and airfields. We target on specific needs of your English.


We visit all major cities and regional areas in Australia 
Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and more


Pic1. Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House at night
Pic2. Melbourne CBD at night


Travel and Learn Packages

A Travel and Learn Study Tour package includes:

  • Airport Transfers
  • 1-2 weeks of formal English classes at a recognised educational institution (optional)
  • 3-5 days or 1-3 week tours anywhere in Australia (including entrance fees at tourist sites) by luxury 5-star coach
  • We cater for all religious, cultural and dietary requirements
  • Accommodation and most meals (Note: Traditional and Modern Australian Meals)
  • A native English-speaking and internationally qualified teacher
  • A English-speaking bus driver
  • Optional extras such as accommodation and meals upgrade are available
  • The most effective way to improve spoken English quickly is with Travel and Learn Study Tour
  • We are offering a generous commission and also attractive incentive schemes for Agent
  • Study Tour group size 15 to 30 participants per coach/classroom
  • Program can start either from Melbourne or Sydney airport
  • Conditions apply

Contact Harrison +61 3 9354 5025 for more information and discuss your options. Alternatively, email [email protected] or submit your enquiry online and we’ll get back to you very shortly.

In the meantime, you can check out our suggested study tour package of 7-day Melbourne to Sydney itinerary or if you have any question, visit our Frequently Asked Questions

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