How to find your Driver? – MUST READ & PRINT!!!

*Please PRINT this instruction and have it with you when you arrive at Melbourne Airport.

Otherwise, download this PDF version and save it on your phone.


Arriving at the International Terminal

It is essential that you find the Harlan Representative IMMEDIATELY once you have cleared customs.

DO NOT enter any stores trying to buy a SIM card/buy coffee or foods/change currency as this could cause you to miss your pick up.

The Harlan driver will wait for you at the seating area next to the information desk adjacent to the Vodafone store, which is on the left as you exit into the Arrivals Hall in the international terminal (Terminal 2) on the ground floor.

You will be met by a Harlan representative (usually wearing a BLUE uniform) who is holding HARLAN sign or your School/University sign.

DO NOT leave the airport with anyone else if you have organised a pick-up with Harlan.

Your journey to your accommodation may be shared with other students arriving in Melbourne.


Arriving at the Domestic Terminal

If you’re arriving in Melbourne on a domestic flight, collect your luggage and go to the international terminal (Terminal 2). Meet the Harlan driver in the Arrivals Hall on the ground floor.


What to do if you have not found a Harlan representative?

If you have not found a Harlan representative within 30 minutes (after clearing Customs, for International flights), please call below contact details or the emergency contact listed in your booking confirmation for further assistance.

If you cannot find the driver, go to the Tourist Information Desk. You can also contact Harlan by phone on 0493 756 612.

Please DO NOT leave the Airport with anyone else or Taxi, a Harlan representative will be with you shortly.